Areas of Practice

Deuling & Company can provide you with assistance in a broad range of commercial and personal legal service areas.

Wills & Estates
Wills, powers of attorney, estate planning, family trusts, mental incapacity, probate, administration and estate/wills variation type disputes.

Conveyancing & Development
Property transfers/mortgages, including easements, covenants, statutory right of ways, strata titles and subdivision developments.

Corporate & Commercial
Incorporation/reorganization of small businesses and professionals, partnerships, buy/sell agreements, commercial leases, joint ventures and shareholders agreements.

Civil Litigation
Personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, corporate/commercial, real estate and builders liens, debtor/creditor, employment, and other similar type disputes.

Criminal Law
Whether it is an allegation of operating a motor vehicle while your ability to do so was impaired, or a drug matter, or any other allegation under the Criminal Code we can give you the advice you need.

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